DUFF - DUplicate File Finder


This is the homepage of DUFF, a GUI duplicate file finder and processor for Windows. It is a project I started a few years ago, but left alone since I stopped using Windows.
I have finally made some minor changes and have made it available here. It still needs some work (it has a few nasty bugs and needs some features implemented), but it works. If you are interested in continuing this project, please let me know.


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This is not duff, the Unix command-line program.
This is DUFF, the Windows GUI utility.
If you are using Unix and wish to find duplicate files, use duff.



Although it may not be obvious yet, DUFF is being released under the GNU General Public License


Please use the forums for communication about DUFF. If you are interested in helping, drop a note in the dev forum.


DUFF was designed and implemented soley by Jeremy Bryan Smith (aka Helamonster) [ helamonster 'at' users 'dot' sourceforge 'dot' net ]